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Build Apps with iOS9 Programming Language from Scratch

Build Apps with iOS9 Programming Language from Scratch
  • 999
: Online Course
: English
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Course to be include

  • Lectures: 49

    Video: 7 hours

    Level: All level

    Languages: English

    Includes:  30 day money back guarantee! Lifetime Access. No Limits! Certificate of Completion


Course Description

  • Apple has made a huge impact in the market with innovations on its products. When considering mobile development, it is essential to create applications for the iOS, as the amount of Apple users have been constantly growing; and it doesn’t seem like this trend is going to stop anytime soon.

    To deal with the concerns of users about not having enough apps on the App Store, Apple has relaxed their stringent app demands and now allow developers to create amazing applications for iOS users. The company has also launched a new language, Swift, to make it easier to develop and publish apps on the App Store.

    iOS 9 came loaded with more features, under-the-hood optimizations, battery optimizations and a significantly faster processor. Some interesting features that come with iOS 9 include the multitasking (multi-screen options), notes (ability to draw, add images and even locations), maps (includes public transit), proactive Siri, Live Photos, and 3D Touch.

    With so many different features to cater to, the market for apps and developers is increasing rapidly. Have you got some innovative ideas for apps, but not the programming knowledge to develop them? Look no further, our iOS9 course is the perfect course for you to learn how to get started with iOS programming.

    The course has been meticulously designed for beginners to help them understand that basics of iOS 9, Swift, iOS9 features (guard statement, optionals, forced unwrapping), and even developing an application from scratch. In addition to the older technologies, the course will also cover the latest technologies such as UIStack View and SFSafari View Controller.

    The course has been created by industry experts to break down basics as well as advanced concepts to make it easier for you to understand iOS9 and how to program using Swift programming language. The iOS9 tutorial also incorporates Swift programming basics such as constants and variables, different kinds of loops, conditional flows, arrays and dictionary and Enums, etc. If all of that is not enough, we will also take you through the process of building an app by helping you make an app.

    At the end of the course you will have learned:

    iOS programming basics, how to download and set up xCode

    Swift programming language including basics such as Variables and Constants, Strings, Arrays and Dictionaries, Looping Through Arrays/Dictionaries, Control Statements, Enums, Functions, etc.

    How to code using object oriented programming

    Working with delegation and protocols

    Understanding iOS controllers

    Working with Core Data

    How to build the app from scratch and incorporating animation

    Now even you can make some amazing apps without any previous knowledge of programming languages. All you have to do is enroll and we will take care of the rest for you.


    • Course is great for iOS developers who want to get the most out of iOS9
    • Beginners who want to get started with iOS development
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eduonix offer training and skill building courses across Technology, Design, Management, Science and Humanities. It has taught over 120000 students globally. Eduonix offers easy to understand online courses and workshops for ios9 programming language, Android, Laravel, Meteor JS, Angular JS, Node JS, Ruby, Bootstrap, Python etc.

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