Learn Basics Engineering Graphics EG Tutorial As Per GTU


Learn Basics Engineering Graphics EG Tutorial As Per GTU

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Is engineering graphics hard subject for GTU syllabus? Engineering Graphics course include projections of lines and projection of solids. EG course made for diploma and degree engineering students.

How to use this course?

  • Students can learn Engineering Graphics course from desktop or tablet using the internet by user id and password. There are total 11 videos of engineering graphics. Engineering Graphics course covered all topics which are given in Gujarat Technological University (GTU) official syllabus. Students read the books and watch videos respectivily. They can make notes of particular videos. Engineering Graphics course will be helpful for get good score in GTU exam and it also helpful for engineering graphics projects in mechnical engineeirng field. 

About Engineering graphics Course

  • Engineering graphics are those found very helpful to many industries to make their productive layout on sheet of paper to get higher productivity. Students should know the drawing fundamentals, abbreviations and symbols if they wish to:

              1.Design any part of machinery

              2.Make changes in existing mechanical drawing

              3.Sketch the invention on paper

    There are different sections in whole subject to make every chapter separate to understand and to learn. For note, this subject comes with chapters like introduction, different projections (of plane, line, point and solids) and loci of points, engineering curves and development of surfaces, section of solids, orthographic projections and isometric projections.

    Here  we start from basics in every chapter and take it up-to deep discussion to clear things. Lots of things possible with drawing subject as it can convert 2d drawing into 3d by simple methods to draw and also 3d drawings to 2d. This is a very strongly recommended onlione course for engineering students.

    All the students of GTU who study in degree first year engineering , Diploma mechanical engineering  and Diploma civil engineering students should enroll this online course.

Important of this course for engineers

  • Engineering graphics subject  does not only teach students on how to draw lines and points but it is a perfect source of communication between engineer and construction sheet to make innovative designs   for better future.

    we wish to learn more about engineering drawing with full step by step description, then this website is fit for you. All problems on website contain easy answer steps from which first year engineering students able to learn engineering graphics.

    Most of first year students of any branch afraid of this subject as it required to have perfection in sketching to solve problems. But from our helpline it is possible to make the technical drawing learning process easier and enjoyable. Easy explanation with steps is our key to success.


    Qualification of Author - B.E. (Mech, Engg.), M.B.A.( Finance) Institute - Vishwakarma Engineering Drawing Classes,Bhilai Nagar, Durg,(C.G.), He has made online course of Engineering graphics for B.E and engineering drawing for diploma students as per GTU syllabus on kachhua.com Contact No.- 9098427441 Teaching Experience - 10 Years ( In Engineering Drawing )

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