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IBPS BANK PO Exam : Video course,Study material and MCQ test

Learn online and do preparation of IBPS PO exam. Video lecture, study material and online MCQ test for IBPS-PO Exam help to make your preparation easy and fast.
IBPS BANK PO Exam : Video course,Study material and MCQ test
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: Online Course
: English
: 6month
: Kachhua Institute
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Introduction to IBPS PO Online study material

    IBPS PO course is build for beginners preparation for IBPS exam easy to understand and simple language are key features of this course. Expert has described theory and shortcut methods of each chapters of mathematics (Numerical Abilities) logical reasoning and english to pass IBPS exam in firsrt try. This is very useful for you. 

Why you should buy IBPS PO full course?

  • 1.Anytime/anywhere learning (Save your time)

    2.Simple and easy to understand language

    3.Self assessment by online MCQ test

    4.Unlimited revision by video and mcq test

    5.250 videos and 60 test 


Topics covered in IBPS PO course

  • Quantitative Aptitude Videos (Basic)  
    Simplification and Calculations:
    Addition & subtraction of Decimals

    Addition & subtraction of Fractions
    Addition & subtraction of Integers
    Calculations Problem Solving 3 sessions
    Math Calculations 5 Sessions

    Square & Cube Roots:
    Square and Cube Roots

    Calculation of Unit Digit
    Comparison of Fractions
    Concepts and Formulae
    Divisibility Test
    Divisor,Dividend & Remainder- 2 Sessions
    Factors and Factorials
    Number System-Session-1
    Theory of Numbers
    Types of Numbers-2 Sessions
    HCF and LCM-4 Sessions

    Ratio & Proportions:
    Ratio Proportion & Variations 5 sessions

    Percentage-5 Sessions

    Partnership, Profit & Loss:
    Profit and Loss- 5 Sessions

    Allegation & Mixtures:
    Allegation and Mixture- 3 Sessions

    Simple & Compound Interest:
    Simple & Compound Interest 4 Sessions

    Time and Work:
    Pipes & Cisterns Session-1
    Time & Work 3 Sessions

    Time & Distance:
    Time Speed & Distance- 6 Sessions

    Volume & Surface Area:
    3-D Mensuration-2 Sessions
    Surface area & volume- 7 Sessions

    Permutation-Combination & Probability:
    Permutation & Combination- 12 Sessions
    Probability- 5 Sessions

    Averages- 4 Sessions

    Sequence & Series:
    Progressions-AP-GP-HP- 3 Sessions

    Geometry & Trigonometry:
    Area & perimeter of plane figures Session-3
    Basic problems on circles 5 sessions
    Basic problems on triangles & other polygons – 4 sessions
    Geometry practice problems-1
    Theorems on circles-session-1
    Theorems on circles-session-2
    Theorems on triangles quadrilaterals & other polygons- 2 sessions
    Trigonometry – 4 sessions

    Algebra Problem Solving - 2 Sessions
    Basics of Algebra - 5 Sessions


    Quantitative Aptitude Videos (Advanced)
    Approximation techniques-Session-1
    Bank P O quant-previous year paper-1
    Bank P O quant-previous year paper-2
    Bank P O quant-previous year paper-3
    Comparison questions
    Data Analysis-Session-1
    DI and Approximation problem solving session
    DI-Input-Output-doubt solving session
    DI-Problems-doubt-solving session
    Doubt solving session-1
    QA Final Prep- 7 Sessions
    Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank PO- 6 sessions
    Quantitative comparison question session-1

    Speed building session-1
    Square root of 5 & 6 digit numbers

    Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning Videos
    Analytical reasoning introduction session-1
    Binary Numbers- 3 sessions
    Blood Relations Session
    Calendars Session
    Clocks- 2 Sessions
    Coding & Decoding- 3 sessions
    Cubes Session- 3 sessions
    Data Sufficiency-2 sessions
    Inequalities Session
    Input Output reasoning-2 Sessions
    Matrix puzzles Session
    Mirror & Water Images
    Number Series-4 sessions
    Problems on Dice- 2 Session
    Reasoning & Puzzles- 5 sessions
    Relationships session
    Sitting arrangements-1 session
    Statement & assumption- 5 sessions
    Syllogisms - 5 Sessions
    Venn Diagrams - 2 Sessions

    Data Interpretation Videos
    Data Interpretation Video - 11
    Data Interpretation-IBPS-2013
    Data Interpretation-Tips
    DI-Final Prep- 3 Session
    Digital Root Concept      

    English Video Lectures

    is, am, are in present simple

    There is, There are


    Passive voice

    Used to

    may-might, can-could

    Practice-can-could, may-might

    Question Tags

    Making Questions

    Must, Should, Need, have to

    Should ought to would like to

    few little, a few a little

    A lot of, lots of, much, many

    each, every, either, neither

    some any something, anything

    Parts of speech-introduction


    pronouns part-1

     Prepositions- 5 sessions

    Reported speech – 3 sessions

    English workshop-5-verbs sessions

    Common errors-1 (Subject-Verb agreement)

    Sentence Correction -7 sessions

    Spotting errors – 8 sessions

    Sentence improvement – 8 sessions

    Phrase substitution – 5 sessions

    Adjectives – 3  sessions


Reading Material24 Chapters with 150 Pages
Chapter1 Decimal Fraction
Chapter2 Maths(Surds And Indices)
Chapter3 English(The Vocabulary)
Chapter4 Logic(Direction Sense Test)
Chapter5 Logic(Input-Output)
Chapter6 Logic(Logical Sequence of Word)
Chapter7 Logic(sequence test)
Chapter8 Logic (Mathematical Operation)
Chapter9 English (Tense)
Chapter10 Current Affairs
Chapter11 English(Article)
Chapter12 Maths(Alliggation or Mixture)
Chapter13 Logic(Venn Diagram)
Chapter14 Analogy
Chapter15 Simplification
Chapter16 classification
Chapter17 Square Roots And Cube Roots
Chapter18 Average
Chapter19 Coding-Decoding
Chapter20 Blood Relations
Chapter21 Problems on Ages
Chapter22 Maths(Percentage)
Chapter23 Series
Chapter24 Demo for PDF
Video Material32 Chapters with 251 Videos
Chapter1 Maths(Alligation Or Mixture)
Chapter2 (Logic)series
Chapter3 (Logic)Venn Diagram
Chapter4 English (Preposition)
Chapter5 Maths(Surds And Indices)
Chapter6 English(The Vocabulary)
Chapter7 Logic(Direction Sense Test)
Chapter8 Logic(Input-Output)
Chapter9 English(Active-Passive)
Chapter10 Logic( Sequence test)
Chapter11 Logic(Mathematical Operation)
Chapter12 (Maths)Percentage
Chapter13 (Logic)Inserting the missing characters
Chapter14 (Maths)Problems On Ages
Chapter15 (Maths)HCF LCM Theory
Chapter16 Logic(Logical Sequance of words)
Chapter17 (Maths)Decimal Fraction
Chapter18 (Logic)Analogy
Chapter19 (Maths)simplification
Chapter20 (Logic)Classification
Chapter21 English (Conjuction)
Chapter22 (Maths)Average
Chapter23 (Logic)Coding-Decoding
Chapter24 (Logic)Blood Relation
Chapter25 English(Tense)
Chapter26 Logic(Puzzle Test)
Chapter27 Counting the Shape
Chapter28 (Maths)Square Roots And Cube Roots
Chapter29 Maths(Compound Intrest)
Chapter30 Area
Chapter31 English(Article)
Chapter32 Maths(Cube)
Daily Online Test61 Practice Test
Test 1 Conjuction-1
Test 2 Problems on Ages
Test 3 IBPS (PO) (Logic-2) 10-05-2015
Test 4 IBPS (PO) (Logic-1) 10-05-2015
Test 5 Blood Relations1
Test 6 Blood Relations2
Test 7 IBPS(PO)(Coding-Decoding-3)
Test 8 IBPS(PO)(Coding-Decoding-2)
Test 9 IBPS(PO)(Coding-Decoding-1)
Test 10 Average 3
Test 11 Average 1
Test 12 Average 2
Test 13 Square Roots And Cube Roots 1
Test 14 Square Roots And Cube Roots 2
Test 15 Percentage-1
Test 16 Percentage-2
Test 17 Preposition test-1
Test 18 English(Modal Auxilaries)
Test 19 ENGLISH (Active-Passive) 26-06-2015
Test 20 IBPS(PO) Maths(Simplification)
Test 21 Tense Test-2
Test 22 Tense Test-1
Test 23 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE (Maths and Logic Test)
Test 24 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE (Maths-Surds And Indices)
Test 25 IBPS (PO) (Venn Diagram)
Test 26 venndiagram1
Test 27 IBPS (PO) Maths test 17-05-2015
Test 28 series1
Test 29 Percentage-3
Test 30 classification3
Test 31 Simplification 2
Test 32 Simplification 1
Test 33 IBPS(PO) FULL ENGLISH 16-04-2015
Test 34 IBPS(PO) FULL MATHS 15-04-2015
Test 35 IBPS PO FULL COURSE (MATHS) 15-04-2015
Test 36 IBPS PO FULL COURSE (LOGIC) 14-04-2015
Test 37 IBPS PO FULL COURSE (ENGLISH) 14-04-2015
Test 38 IBPS PO FULL COURSE (LOGIC) 13-04-2015
Test 39 IBPS(PO) FULL ENGLISH 19-04-2015
Test 40 IBPS(PO) FULL LOGIC 18-04-2015
Test 41 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE ( LOGIC) 14-04-2015
Test 42 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE ( LOGIC) 13-04-2015
Test 43 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE ( Maths) 20-04-2015
Test 44 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE ( English Language - One word subsitute) 22-04-2015
Test 45 IBPS (PO) ( logic) 23-04-2015
Test 46 IBPS(PO) FULL LOGIC 17-04-2015
Test 47 IBPS (PO) (maths) 24-04-2015
Test 48 Inserting the missing characters
Test 49 Analogy (Test 2)
Test 50 Analogy (Test 1)
Test 51 IBPS (PO) (decimal fraction )-01-05-2015
Test 52 IBPS(PO) Decimal Fraction (Maths) 01-05-2015
Test 53 IBPS (PO) FULL Course ( Computer Knowledge) 30-04-2015
Test 54 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE ( English Language -One word subsitute) 29-04-2015
Test 55 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE ( General Awareness) 28-04-2015
Test 56 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE (Logical Reasoning) 27-04-2015
Test 57 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE (Maths) 26-04-2015
Test 58 classification2
Test 59 classification1
Test 60 IBPS (PO) (english) 25-04-2015
Test 61 IBPS(PO) FULL COURSE ( Logic Reasoning) 21-04-2015
Hiral Patel

2 years ago

Vey nice course..Explanation of topic is really good.. i can learn easily by videos.. thank u


2 years ago

Very useful course...

Patel Hardika

2 years ago

It's a very usedfull for preparation about banking

Daya Thakkar

1 year ago

Option of online tests are very useful.

Nishant Patel

1 year ago

बहुत ही अच्छा कोर्ष है | मैंने इस कोर्ष से तैयारी की और पास भी हो गया |

Reeta Goswami

1 year ago

All concepts are clearly explained. but we are waiting for remaining topics.

4 Ratings
2 years ago

Nice course

1 year ago

very useful course

1 year ago

very useful

2 months ago

not Good course

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