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IELTS Lessons

This course is created by Emma. She is TESOL-certified
IELTS Lessons
: Informative Course
: English
: Free Stuff
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Reading- Stratergies

Reading- Top 10 tips

Reading- How to Succeed


Listening- top 14 tips

Speaking- task 1

IELTS- how to get high score on on task 1

Speaking- task 2

Speaking- task 3

IELTS & TOEFL- Give Your opinion

IELTS & TOEFL- vocabulary

Vocabulary- Advantages & Disadvantages

Writing- 6 ways to improve

IELTS Success

IELTS- Top 10 spelling mistakes

IELTS Lessons

  • Hi, my name is Emma, and I'm going to teach you English! Learning a different language can be hard, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience.


    I am TESOL-certified and have taught students from various backgrounds, ages, and levels. From immigrants to international students, private lessons to classrooms, my experiences have been varied and have allowed me to gain insight into the challenges that ESL students face.


    Teaching is one of those great professions that allow you to be forever learning. While I teach students both French and English, they teach me about their cultures, their lives, and other ways to see the world. It is a privilege to teach and I am thankful for all of my students over the years who have shared their stories, interests, and dreams with me.


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This is group of experts who find out best staff to learn from globe, arrange it and create as free online course on kachhua most of as have paid course, study materials, online test on kachhua.

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