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Java Interview Preparation - Level 1

Confuse one question with interview ask ? understand easy solution of quickly interview questions.
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Ranga Nath Karanam


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About Java interview preparation online course

  • Java interview preparation online course helps students quickly revise and prepare for Java Interviews. In the Level 1, we cover interview questions related to Java Platform, Object Oriented Programming, String, Wrapper Classes, OOPS Basics, Interfaces and Collections. you know the material, however, you need to prepare to your knowledge, but you as a viable candidate. Here this java interview preparation online course have great tips on how to prepare for interview and what you should be ready to answer. 

Topics coverd of Java interview preparation online course

  • Chapter 1:- Introduction

    Chapter 2:-  Java Platform

    • Introduction to Java Platform
    • Platform Independence
    • Difference between C++ and Java
    • Class Loaders

     Chapter 3:-  OOPS Basics

    • Encapsulation
    • Abstraction
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism

     Chapter 4:-  Interfaces & More OOPS

    • Sub Section 2: Interface vs Abstract Class
    • Interface
    • Method Overloading vs Method Overriding

     Chapter 5:- Important Java Keywords

    • Static vs Instance - Variables and Methods
    • Access Modifiers - Public, Private, Protected and Default
    • Final Keyword

     Chapter 6:- Collections

    • Collection Interfaces Overview
    • Collection Classes Overview
    • Collections Static Class
    • List Interface - ArrayList, Vector and LinkedList
    • Map Interface - HashMap, TreeMap
    • Set Interface - TreeSet, HashSet

     Chapter 7:-  Other Basics

    • Wrapper Classes
    • String, String Buffer and String Builder
    • Object Methods - to String, equals and hashcode

     Chapter 8:-  Next Steps

Prepare Your self before Java interview

  • This java interview preparation course will teach you how to effectively use and optimize java in real world. Here we provides you of more than 27 videos with 8 chapters of interview preparation of Java. this Java interview online course  is designed to be easy to learn. Here  you understand the basic concept of OOP Java, Important Java Keywords, Collections after that you become easy to master of java. So this java online course is very useful for your interview preparation.

How to use Java interview preparation online course ?

  • Java interview preparation online course will teach you step by step. All videos of Java interview preparation are contained theoretical points with brief descriptions as well as will help to your Java programming of  IT field. The student easily get all points concept through java interview guidance videos. All videos are made by our best knowledgeable experts.


Video Material8 Chapters with 27 Videos
Chapter1 Introduction
Chapter2 Java Platform
Chapter3  OOPS Basics
Chapter4  Interfaces & More OOPS
Chapter5  Important Java Keywords
Chapter6 Collections
Chapter7 Other Basics
Chapter8 Next Steps
Nax Patel

1 year ago

my best course


1 year ago

not good course

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I have a Programming Experience of 15 years and teaching programming to more than 10,000 students around the world. I want to help you develop a liking for programming.

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