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SQL Basic Tutorial online for beginners : Learn in Hindi

In SQL tutorial you will get video tutorial of SQL Quires, SQL Commends, SQL tutorial videos, Data Manipulation, Aggregated Data etc.
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: Online Course
: 1year
: Kajal Soni
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About Basic SQL Course


    What is SQL?

    • SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard interactive and programming language for getting information from and updating a database. Although SQL is both an ANSI and an ISO standard, many database products support SQL with proprietary extensions to the standard language.


    • This basic level sql  course is design for everyone and there is no age limit. The candidate who does not have any basic knowledge of computer programming of sql can easily take this sql basic level course. This basic sql course also focus on the professional work rather than only study. This course will also help you in interview.


Topics covered in this course

    • SQL bac tutorial has sql quires, commonds and joins.
    • Introduction
    • Retrieve data using 'SELECT' Restricting & sorting data
      • Part 1 
      • Part 2
    • Data Manipulation
    • Single row functions
      • Part 1 Function
      • Part 2 Number Function & date
      • Part 3 Conversion
      • Part 4 General
    • Aggregated Data
      • Aggregated data using group function
    • Multiple Tables- Join
      • Part 1 Table join
      • Part 2 Outer join
      • Part 2 Outer join (Left, Right, Full)
    • Sub Queries
      • Single and multiple row
    • Constraints
      • 5 Types of Constraints

Why should buy SQL course?

  • This  online course will teach you step by step. All videos are contain theoretical points with brief descriptions as well as will help to computer desktop. The student easily get all points concept through sql online video course. All videos are made by our best knowledgeable experts.Name of the examination you will appear after this  course

    •  SQL Expert examination by the oracle university U.S.A.
    •  Oracle PL/SQL expert examination
    •  Oracle Certified Associate(OCA)
    •  Oracle Certified Professional(OCP)
    •  Oracle RAC(Real Application Clusters)
    •  Oracle GRID

    Benifits of sql course :

    (1) High Score 

    Using this course, you can clear any exam relevant to sql, my sql and oracle certification exam.

     (2) High Speed:
    SQL Queries can be used to retrieve large amounts of
    records from a database quickly and efficiently.

    (3) Well Defined Standards Exist:
    SQL databases use long-established standard,
    which is being adopted by ANSI & ISO. Non-SQL
    databases do not adhere to any clear standard.

    (4) No Coding Required:
    Using standard SQL it is easier to manage database
    systems without having to write substantial amount
    of code.

    (5) Emergence of ORDBMS:
    Previously SQL databases were synonymous with
    relational database. With the emergence of Object
    Oriented DBMS, object storage capabilities are
    extended to relational databases.


Video Material8 Chapters with 14 Videos
Chapter1 Introduction
Chapter2 Retrive data using 'SELECT' Restricting
Chapter3 Data Manipulation
Chapter4 Single row functions
Chapter5 Aggeregated Data
Chapter6 Multiple Tables- Join
Chapter7 Sub Queries
Chapter8 Part 8 Constraints

1 year ago

Nice course, thanks to Kajal Soni, We are waiting for another course by you...

Dharsh Patel

1 year ago

best option of online learning.

Yash Chaudhari

1 year ago

good course

Provided by

kajal soni is a computer engineer. She is an expert in SQL. From SQL course students can clear SQL Expert examination by the oracle university U.S.A. Oracle PL/SQL expert examination Oracle Certified Associate(OCA) Oracle Certified Professional(OCP) Oracle RAC(Real Application Clusters)

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