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NEETAIPMT Biology Video Lectures and Study Material - For 1 year

Biology covers 50% of the marks and syllabus in the NEET/AIPMT Entrance Examination.
NEETAIPMT Biology Video Lectures and Study Material - For 1 year
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About Course

  • Biology covers 50% of the marks and syllabus in the NEET/AIPMT Entrance Examination. Thus, being meticulous and thorough with each topic of the Biology syllabus is highly desired and beneficial. Get our combo deal comprising Biology video lectures and study material to strengthen your preparation for NEET/AIPMT.

    The Biology study material will help you to explore deeper roots of the concept and its essential aspects. An intuitive and systematic approach is used to reinforce the fundamental understandings. You can play, pause, rewind & replay our Biology videos and learn the complex concepts with the help of rich 2D/3D animations. These video lectures cover exhaustive theory which will improve your performance at the NEET/AIPMT exam. 


  • Video Lectures 

    • Self-paced study: Study at your own pace and convenience. Speed-up or slow-down based on your level of preparation.
    • Get trained by experts: Chance to get trained by the brightest minds of the country
    • Facilitate leaning: Innovative and effective ways of delivering the required content
    • Visual approach: Rich visuals and 2D/3D animations are used to explain complex concepts.
    • Flexible Medium: Facility to stop, rewind and play the video to understand a key concept.
    • Higher retention: The video stimulates and engages user by creating interest which is maintained for longer period of time. 


    Study Material 

    • Master important concepts: Provides easy ways to learn and master basic yet key concepts
    • Know your strengths and weaknesses: Judge your understanding level and readiness with topic-wise exercises.
    • Quick learning: Offers graphics and illustrations to make conceptual understanding quick and simple.
    • Get ample practice: Exercises provide sufficient practice
    • Solve previous year papers: Questions from last 35 years NEET/AIPMT exam
    • Enhance learning: Provides additional helpful information in the form of practical applications, real life examples, summarizing tables and more.


  • Video Lectures

    • Builds comprehensive and exhaustive approach towards the NEET/AIPMT syllabus
    • Created and delivered by experienced faculties from premier institutes
    • Innovative ways used to reinforce the fundamental understanding
    • Proper sorting of concepts into useful and important concepts, tips & tricks
    • Rich visuals and 2D/3D animations to present complex concepts


    Study Material

    • Exhaustive theory created by our in-house team of experts and experienced faculties
    • Methodology aiming at thorough understanding of all topics and subtopics
    • Designed with features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try It Yourself
    • 7,000+ questions in exercises (including previous years’ questions)
    • Summary at the end of each chapter helps in quick revision
    • Highlights key points for better score


  • Video Lectures

    Criteria Description
    Number of Topics 40
    Number of Video Lectures 471
    Total Lecture Duration 163 Hour 50 Mins


    Topics covered in Biology

    Biology XI Std

    Books Topics Lecture Duration Ebook Pages
    Book 1 - XI Std The Living World 1 Hour 45 Mins 31
    Biological Classification - Part 1 1 Hour 38 Mins 60
    Biological Classification - Part 2 3 Hours 55 Mins 68
    Plant Kingdom 2 Hours 57 Mins 95
    Animal Kingdom (Nonchordates) 2 Hours 03 Mins 104
    Animal Kingdom (Chordates) 2 Hours 49 Mins 86
    Book 2 - XI Std Morphology of Flowering Plants 6 Hours 10 Mins 121
    Anatomy of Flowering Plants 5 Hours 20 Mins 105
    Structrual Organisation in Animals 12 Hours 52 Mins 146
    Book 3 - XI Std Cell: The Unit of Life 4 Hours 22 Mins 90
    Biomolecules 5 Hours 24 Mins 80
    Cell Cycle & Cell Division 2 Hours 52 Mins 51
    Book 4 - XI Std Transport in Plants 5 Hours 30 Mins 87
    Mineral Nutrition 1 Hour 35 Mins 46
    Photosynthesis in Higher plants 2 Hours 28 Mins 66
    Respiration in Plants 2 Hours 42 Mins 51
    Plant Growth & Development 5 Hours 30 Mins 66
    Book 5 - XI Std Digestions & Absorption 5 Hours 35 Mins 58
    Breathing & Exchange of Gases 3 Hours 02 Mins 49
    Body Fluids & Circulation 4 Hours 46 Mins 57
    Excretory Products & their Elimination 3 Hours 39 Mins 53
    Locomotion & Movement 3 Hours 46 Mins 52
    Neural Control & Co-ordination 8 Hours 52 Mins 77
    Chemical Co-ordination & Integration 5 Hours 34 Mins 74
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