Photoshop tutorial in Hindi


Photoshop tutorial in Hindi

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Learn image editing, retouching, and color correcting for all skill levels. Learn how to use Photoshop shapes and layers, how to retouch photos etc. You will learn adobe Photoshop in Hindi.

Skill Courses

  • About Online Photoshop Course

      • Photoshop enables individuals to create and design digital images and illustrations for print and Web publication. Courses on using this software can be taken individually or as part of a full program.

      Here is an outline of common concepts learned in Photoshop courses:

      • Basic features and tools of Photoshop
      • Image editing and manipulation techniques
      • Creating original graphics
      • Fundamentals of Web design
      • How to prepare and process photos for the Web
      • Learn photoshop cs6 in hindi

    Topics covered in photoshop course

      • Photoshop Introduction
      • Crop & erase tool
      • Slice tool
      • Gradient Paint Bucket
      • Dodge,burn,sponge
      • Text tool
      • Path tool
      • Custome shapes
      • Eye Dropper,Color Sampler,Measure Tool
      • New Patch Healing
      • Fire On Page
      • Fire effect
      • Image in Shape
      • Scenery Creation
      • Sceneray Creation Another Example
      • Overlay effect
      • Light effect
      • Complete Pen tool
      • Cross Border effect
      • CD Creation
      • Chocolate Effect Screen
      • blur, sharpen and smudge
      • Define Patten tool
      • eye colour
      • fram
      • patch
      • Shape tool
      • 3D Shape
      • Opacity effect

    Why you should enroll Photoshop CS6 Course

    • By this course students can learn photoshop step by step. This Photoshop Video Tutorial in Hindi is designed for students who wish to learn and create their carrier in designing. It's very useful who wish to learn at home and don't get time to go to institutes. The price of this Course Tutorial is very negligible and almost every students can afford this. In this Tutorials many aspects are covered with many examples. The major advantage of this Tutorial is it's designed in Hindi language which gives very good understanding to students. In this video, you can learn at your own pace and can repeat the explanation until understood.


      Krishna Computers

      Mr. Deepak is a tutor of Photoshop, Tally, Page maker & coral Draw on He is an expert online trainer.

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