Rajasthan Board Class 11 Math Video Lectures, Chapter Notes, Questions-Answers


Rajasthan Board Class 11 Math Video Lectures, Chapter Notes, Questions-Answers

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In this course you will get best quality video lecture of standard 11 Maths. All this videos are created by expert faculty so every students can learn easily.

Subject Courses

Chapters in std 11 Maths Study Pack

    • Sets
    • Relations And Functions
    • Trigonometric Functions
    • Principle Of Mathematical Induction
    • Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equation
    • Linear Inequalities
    • Permutations And Combinations
    • Binomial Theorem
    • Sequence And Series
    • Straight Lines
    • Conic Sections,
    • Introduction To 3D Geometry
    • Limits And Derivatives
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Statistics, Probability

Class 11 Math Video Lecture & QLC (Power Pack)

  • Product Description

    1. Real Teacher Teaching Video Lecture covering 12 different products.
    a. In lectures we cover 
    b. Concept
    c. Avdhan Pattern of Remembering Science
    d. Object Demonstration
    e. Experiments
    f. Exercises
    g. Scientific Learning Videos
    h. Textbook Questions
    i. Problem Solution
    j. Concept Graph
    k. Smart Learning
    l. Avdhan Graphs
    m. Recap Summary

    2. Total 25 Hours of content with extensive coverage of class 11 Mathematics.

    3. Quick Learning Capsule covers important question and answers and easy ways of learning. Tips and Tricks, various forms of math questions all patterns are covered.

    4. These are scientific learning video lectures based on Avdhan learning science. Concept map and Avdhan graph helps in retention of the subject. Thus providing One Stop Education Solution for the student.

    5. Watch when you want. Stop, rewind and replay at your pace.

    6. Multiple Views Allowed = No of Videos X 3.

    7. Your Teacher with You Always!! Anywhere – Anytime.

    8. Watch Sample at http://youtu.be/nDMzcMCCJME

Why should you enroll?

  • 1. Launched for the first time Scientific Course specifically designed for RAJASTHAN Board Syllabus. Remember Everything, Forget Nothing. 
    2. Topic-wise coverage of RAJASTHAN Board Class 11 Math.
    3. Avdhan – UnivExcellence E learning content is internationally ISO 9001:2008 Certified. 
    4. Interactive and easy to understand.
    5. Covers experiments, question answers and explanation of all concepts sequentially. 
    6. No need of tuitions, study at home, saves time and money. 
    7. Prepares you for RAJASTHAN Education Board Examinations. 
    8. Remember everything – forget nothing with Avdhan Learning Science. 
    9. Students from more than 40 countries are accessing the E Learning content. 
    10. Content certified, developed & approved by experts across the world from IIT, IIMs, ISB and other institutions of international repute.
    Note: This is Online Study Material and need to be accessed with Internet Connected, No offline content is sent to customer. You will receive Coupon Code on your email Id which needs to be activated to view the course online.

  • bhagatsir         

    Bhagatsir.com is the 1st education portal to launch E Learning content in Hindi Medium in the world. English Medium content also available. 1st education portal to develop & provide Scientific Learning - Ancient Avdhan Science Based CBSE, NCERT, State Boards Complete Class 6 - 12 Courses Rajasthan Board, Haryana Board, Punjab Board, Jharkhand Board, Uttarakhand Board, Delhi Board & others.           

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