Std 11th sem-1 MCQ software with solution for GSEB students

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Std 11th sem-1 MCQ software with solution for GSEB students

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In this software you will get MCQ test with solution of Maths/Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is available for Gujarati Medium and English Medium.

Key Features of this software

    • Very Simple Format, Easy to use
    • This software is available in Gujarati or English.
    • Designed by Indian Multinational Company
    • Questions prepared by master of subject
    • Intelligently creates exam based on last performance and course specific format
    • Creates Unique Marksheet ( which indicates Chapter No & Topic )
    • Provides Topic Wise Smart Analysis which highlights Strength and Weakness
    • Helps to identify topics in which he/she is more confident, less confident or over confident
    • Calculates Projected Score
    • Student can Review all attended exams with Explanation or Hint for each answer
    • Provides Subject Wise Learning Trends
    • Keeps Exam history for all attended exams and allows to reattempt any previous Exam

Advantages of std 11 sem-1 MCQ software

    • Examination is a system of evaluating a student for their capabilities and to verify their learning effectiveness. By taking exams – student get chance to prove themselves to be better than others based on defined exam criteria for grading. A comprehensive examination is specific types of exam taken by graduate students, which may determine their eligibility to continue their studies. Examinations give you a chance to make sense of your learning.
    • In all Schools and Colleges follow the same exam methodology. In today’s Hi-tech market, schools are using hard copy of question & answer sheet in exams. Lots of time is spent to maintain hard copy of question paper & answer sheet. Based on examination, school needs to maintain student score this software is very useful.
    • Now a days, student cannot be able to identify their strength, weakness subject wise, because they do not have any other option to they can evaluate their strength and weakness. In schools, colleges, classes’ student only give the exam and after that they get result score only. But not result score will be consolidated, because they do not have previous subject result record and so student cannot get consolidated result they can be identify their knowledge with subject and chapter wise only if they have consolidate result record.
    • When exam comes near, anxiety level goes high. A little bit of anxiety helps them to be motivated, focused and more alert. However, too much anxiety may give negative effect. Here SmartGuru is a very effective tool for them. More use of SmartGuru helps them to study, learn, remember their mistakes well in advance and thus they perform well when taking tests.
    • This software is useful for GSEB english Medium and Gujarati medium.

Other Advance Features

    • Multiple user environment-more than one student can share single copy
    • It is an open platform that offers flexibility to load more contents
    • No Expiry Date – Once purchased, it is always available
    • All subjects in one installation.
    • Printing option for detailed mark sheet and advance analysis
    • Built on advance Java Platform
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