Std 12th sem 3 MCQ software with solution for GSEB Students


Std 12th sem 3 MCQ software with solution for GSEB Students

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In this software you will get MCQ test with solution of Maths/Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is available for Gujarati Medium and English Medium.

Key Features of this software

    • Very Simple Format, Easy to use
    • This software is available in Gujarati or English.
    • Designed by Indian Multinational Company
    • Questions prepared by master of subject
    • Intelligently creates exam based on last performance and course specific format
    • Creates Unique Marksheet ( which indicates Chapter No & Topic )
    • Provides Topic Wise Smart Analysis which highlights Strength and Weakness
    • Helps to identify topics in which he/she is more confident, less confident or over confident
    • Calculates Projected Score
    • Student can Review all attended exams with Explanation or Hint for each answer
    • Provides Subject Wise Learning Trends
    • Keeps Exam history for all attended exams and allows to reattempt any previous Exam

Advantages of std 12 sem 1 MCQ software

    • Examination is a system of evaluating a student for their capabilities and to verify their learning effectiveness. By taking exams – student get chance to prove themselves to be better than others based on defined exam criteria for grading. A comprehensive examination is specific types of exam taken by graduate students, which may determine their eligibility to continue their studies. Examinations give you a chance to make sense of your learning
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