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Vedic maths phase 1

Are you poor in mathematics ? This vedic maths online course is very useful for students, who wants to improve their maths skills interesting, effective and competitive exam.
Vedic maths phase 1
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Introduction of vedic maths online video course

  • Vedic maths videos are created by professionals with good clarity in every aspect. There are 50+ video lessons dealing with vedic maths concept in a unique manner. Here in vedic maths course no chalk-board system is used for sake of clarity and better understanding and each video lesson is followed by lesson notes with more examples as well different questions in a very lucid style. The course covers all basic and intermediate Vedic maths concepts considering one-concept at a time and a person or student requires no maths background to understand them perfectly. The explanation style is lucid, clear, and dealing with all minute details assuming the student is quite new to Vedic maths.

Why you should learn vedic maths course

  • Vedic Mathematics online  course helps students to manage their time in all basic mathematics  competitive exams. Vedic Mathematics can have very little impact as they are very brief and students hardly get a chance to practice or assess their understanding. Vedic maths shortcuts so easy to understand and apply but they can be quite easily forgotten without proper practice. This Vedic Mathematics course enables the students get access to all the contents and practice material 24 x 7 and hence a student can work on it in his/her own pace and convenience.

Benefits of vedic maths online video course

  • Vedic Mathematics along with many interesting features of numbers, and speeding up calculation, improving accuracy. Vedic maths Phase 1 deals with basics as well intermediate concepts where the students achieve magical calculation skills. The most incredible skills a student can achieve are:

    • Ability to square any two digit numbers mentally using a unique strategy. Learning times tables up to 100 in just 10 mins.
    • Doing 3-digit, 4 digit, as well digit multiplication in head
    • Multiplying any two-digit number in head
    • Ability to do calculation left-to-right or right-to-left (addition, subtraction, as well multiplication) and many special cases which makes calculation a piece of cake for all.
Provided by

Mr. Saji is expert in vedic maths. He is the specialists in teaching Vedic mathematics in a most time-appropriate and student-friendly manner. Mr. Saji is giving live lectures of vedic maths out of india. He is an online trainer on

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