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yii Framework 2.0 Beginning

yii Framework 2.0 Beginning
yii Framework 2.0 Beginning
: Informative Course
: English
: Free Stuff
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Why choose Yii 2.0 Framework

    1. Want to create a social site, acustom web app, a web portal, oran ecommerce website?Read on.Got a website or web app idea?
    2.  Are you concerned aboutthese challenges?- High Development Cost- Time to Develop the Product- Time to Market- Rapid changes- Scalability- Security
    3.  The need for a framework- MVC Framework is important- Structured, clean, and maintainable code- Built in security features- Layered architecture(UI, Business Logic, Data access)
    4. With our extensive experience working withmultiple platforms and frameworks such asZend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony we inclinetowards Yii as our preferred framework ofchoice.Choosing the rightframeworkOur customers face similar challenges together withus every day.But why Yii ?
    5. Choosing the rightframeworkYii is a high performance component based PHPframework for developing large scale WebApplications.It uses an Model-View-Component basedarchitecture, widely used in webdevelopment, enabling developers to makechanges to User Interfaces and Data AccessLayer in a structured and convenient way.
    6. Yii Architecture
    7. Why choose Yii ?Great integration with the industry standard CSSand Java Script frameworks like JQuery, Bootstrapetc. made it easy to create modern responsivedesigns for our customers.
    8. Rapid DevelopmentYii helps us get web applications up and running in notime by generating all the basic CRUDS operations.Easy to customize the application as per customersrequirements.It not only helps us develop the application faster butalso helps in maintaining the application design asrecommended by Yii, which greatlyhelps in maintaining application security.
    9. Easy Data MigrationMigration utility provides great controlover Database changes, helping usupgrade/downgrade application version ondifferent installations.
    10. Great Command Line ToolsYii provides great command line tool thathelps us create complicated CRON jobs byutilizing already written application logicinstead of writing it all again in the CRONjobs.

1 Begnning Yii 2.0 1

2 Begnning Yii 2.0

3 Beginning Yii 2.0

4 Beginning Yii 2.0

5 Beginning Yii 2.0

6 Beginning Yii 2.0

7 Beginning Yii 2.0

8 Beginning Yii 2.0

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