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Great Idea !!! If your are thinking to join Kachhua ...

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We're rapidly growing, and we're excited to say about kachhua and welcome you. Before you join you might be eager to know more about our mission, vision and working atmosphere at Kachhua.

So, here it is...
Our mission is to Provide Quality and Low cost Educational services to the people who are directly or indirectly connected to the Education

our vision is to bring all educationally connected people on single platform of kachhua by means of providing best service to them.

We're a small but growing team trying to cultivate a truly great culture of self development, integrity, competitiveness and Joy at work . we work with value and keep dreams in mind, we think big and take care of each small matter, we progress with ideas but connect with hearts, our Kachhua is our home of energetic and joyous family members.

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Kachhua is online education marketplace help you to teach, sell and grow. Teach online or learn online, any subjects like Maths of class 6, android, marketing or yoga.
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